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3069 d (4) x 2814 a (1)

We are the leading producer of quality potato seed of following varieties and hybrids is produced at our farms situated at about 4km from jalandhar on NH1, which range in size, shape, color, starch content and flavor. Their flesh may be white or colored like the skin. Small types are called”fingerling” or “new” potatoes, larger potatoes are called “earlies” or “main crop”.

Year of Release - 1968

Morphological Characteristics

Plant: Plants tall, erect, compact and vigorous. Stems few, thick, colored in patches with moderately eveloped straight wings.

Foliage: Grey-green. Leaves intermediate, rachis green. Leaflets ovate, smooth glossy with entire margin, terminal leaflet fused.

Flowers: White. Profuse flowering.. Anthers orange-yellow, well developed, high pollen stainability. Stigma round and slightly notched.

Tubers: White, large, oval, smooth skin, fleet eyes, white flesh. Tendency to crack.

Sprouts: Blue-purple.

Agricultural Characteristics

Adaptability: North and south Indian hills, parts of Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka,Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Maturity: Hills medium-early (110-130 days ); Plains medium ( 90-100 days)

Yield potential: Hills- 20 t/ha; Plains- 30 t/ha

Dormancy: Medium ( 6-8 weeks )

Diseases: Moderately resistant to late and early blight. Resistant to wart. Slow rate of degeneration.

Dry matter: Medium


Consumer and Processing Quality

Easy to cook, texture waxy, mild flavor, occasional discoloration after cooking. Suitable for instant flakes and chips.

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