Hitech Produce Of Punjab Tissue Culture

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MEX. 750826 x MS/ 78-79

Year of Release - 1998

Morphological Characteristics

Plant: Plants medium tall, semi-erect, compact and vigorous. Stems few, thick, slightly pigmented with poorly developed straight wings.

Foliage: Green. Leaves open, rachis green. Leaflets ovate, smooth, dull surface with entire margin.

Flowers: White, profuse flowering. Anthers orange-yellow, well developed, moderate pollen stainability. Stigma round pinhead.

Tubers: White, medium to large, oval, smooth skin, fleet eyes, dull white flesh.

Sprouts: Green

Agricultural Characteristics

Adaptability: Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Maturity: Medium (90-110 days) Yield potential: 40 t/ha Dormancy: Medium ( 6-8 weeks )

Diseases: Resistant to late blight.

Dry matter: High


Consumer and Processing Quality

Easy to cook, waxy texture, mild flavor, free from discoloration after cooking. Due to high dry matter, low reducing sugars and low phenols, the variety is highly suitable for making chips and French fries.

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