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Kufri Jyoti x Kufri Alankar

Year of Release - 1979

Morphological Characteristics

Plant: Plants tall, erect, medium compact and vigorous. Stems few, thick, uniformly colored, well developed straight wings.

Foliage: Grey-green. Leaves open, rachis pigmented at base. Leaflets ovate, smooth surface with entire margin.

Flowers: White. Moderate flowering. Anthers orange-yellow, poorly developed, high pollen stainability. Stigma round and notched.

Tubers: White, large, oval, smooth skin, fleet eyes and dull white flesh. Tubers turn pale purple on exposure to light.

Sprouts: Light red

Agricultural Characteristics

Adaptability: Parts of Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Uttar Prades.

Maturity: Medium (100-110 days) Yield potential: 50 t/ha

Dormancy: Medium ( 6-8 weeks )

Diseases: Moderately resistant to early and late blight. Resistant to PVX. Dry matter: Medium


Consumer and Processing Quality

Easy to cook, floury texture, mild flavor, free from discoloration after cooking. Not suitable for processing.

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